Best local food in Hue – Hue Cuisine

For Hue people, cuisine is considered as both an art and the culture of the pleasure life. The best way to explore Hue’s culture is through its unique cuisine with lots of typical local dishes.

Hue local food is rich in different dishes with nice smells and good taste mixing with the flavor of the fields, lagoons, mountains and rivers. The real local food is the street food of Hue which is ubiquitous in and around city, where many homes double as shops and restaurants: business in the front, family in the back. Coming to Hue, you should not miss tasting these famous kinds of Hue street food: Bun Bo Hue, Bun Thit Nuong, Com Hen, Banh Khoai, and Nem Lui.

 1. Bun Bo Hue (Hue style beef vermicelli)

‘Bun bo Hue’ is loved by people in other regions for the bold flavors. Special thing in Bun Hue is the broth, prepared by simmering pork bone for a long period of time and after that adding a large range of different spices containing lemon grass and chili to create mixed taste. Shrimp paste holds no less importance. Hue people usually add thin slices of beef shank, chunks of boiled oxtail, and pig’s knuckles or pork into the bowl. It contains cubes of brown congealed pig blood, which are very good for anyone suffer from high blood pressure. The specialty is commonly served with a plenty of herbs like sprouts, lime wedges, cilantro sprigs, onions, and sliced banana blossom.

Bun Bo Hue

2. Bun Thit Nuong (vermicelli with grilled pork)

‘Bun thit nuong’ is a mixture of rice vermicelli, grilled pork, fresh vegetables and other special ingredients. ‘Bun thit nuong’ has no broth, but a sauce made by grinded peanut. The pork is mixed with some ingredients to be tastier and then be grilled on fire. A bowl of ‘bun thit nuong’ includes rice vermicelli in the bottom, some pieces of grilled pork above, kinds of fresh vegetable around and the sauce on the top. When eating, you should add a little chili sauce and lemon squash then mix all of them together to enjoy the special flavor of the dish.

Bun Thit Nuong

3. Com Hen (baby clam rice)

‘Com hen’ is a very popular low priced specialty dish used to be enjoyed by the people in Central Vietnam. ‘Com hen’ has a sweet-smelling flavor of rice, onion, as well as strange tastes of sweet, buttery, salty, sour, and peppery-hot. ‘Com hen’ is simple but an intricate dish that fuses together a variety of flavors from clams, clam broth, fried pork fat, roasted peanuts, crunchy rice cracker, chili pepper, banana flower, star fruit, mint herb, rau ram (Vietnamese coriander), fermented shrimp sauce and rice.  What makes this simple kind of food popular is revealed in the great endeavor to adopt and process its main ingredient – baby clam – which must be dipped in water for a long while before being processed. Moreover, it is low-priced thus you could eat it in luxurious restaurants in Hue or even in vendor shops on the streets.

Com Hen

4. Banh Khoai

Banh Khoai is made from rice flour, water, turmeric powder, added slivers of fatty pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, egg and then pan fried. Banh Khoai is wrapped in mustard leaf, lettuce leaves or rice paper, and stuffed with variety of herb like mint leaves, basil and served with a sweet and sour mixed sauce.

Banh Khoai

5. Nem Lui (lemongrass skewers)

‘Nem lui’ is made from succulent pork molded around lemongrass sticks. To enjoy this dish, you are suggested to take a small and thin piece of “rice paper” to wrap it with fresh vegetables, thin slice of star fruit, chilly, ect and roll it up to put in the special sweet and hot liquid sauce called “ nuoc leo”. “Nuoc leo” generally made of tens of different ingredients such as vegetable oil, sugar, coconut water, fish sauce, vinegar, pig liver, cinnamon extract powder, etc.  This liquid sauce is extremely attractive for food lover thanks to its special taste and diversity of ingredients.



Nem Lui

Source: Collected from the internet.

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