Hang En Cave, En Cave, Swallow Cave: Coming to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, tourists will have a chance to admire the majesty of the third biggest cave in the world. More interestingly, the time to explore Hang En Cave is 2 days 1 night. Here is an ideal stopover for those who love adventures but do not have much time. En Cave has a total length of 1,645m with three entrances.

Hang En Cave

Hang En Cave was voted as one of the most spectacular caves in the world by National Geographic. The most special feature of Hang En Cave is the separate ecosystem and climate, along with a beautiful river, which will bring a unique experience to tourists.

Hang En Cave

In this jungle region of central Vietnam, the Hang En cave is one in a series of mind-blowing caverns discovered by Mr. Limbert, his wife, Deb, 54, also a caver, and their colleagues from the British Cave Research Association. The most enormous cave here is Son Doong Cave, which ranks — alongside Miao Room in China and Sarawak Chamber and Deer Cave in Borneo — as one of the world’s largest caves. Son Doong last year for the first time became accessible to a limited number of tourists, the most established and reputable company running tours in the region’s caves.

Hang En Cave

Going underground, expedition members enter Hang En, a cave tunneled out by the Rao Thuong River. Dwindling to a series of ponds during the dry months, the river can rise almost 300 feet (91 meters) during the flood season, covering the rocks where cavers stand.

Hang En Cave

Hang En Cave (Hang Én) is the world’s 3rd largest cave located in Quang Binh – the central province of Vietnam, succeeded only by Deer Cave in Malaysia and Hang Son Doong, also located here in the Cave Kingdom of Vietnam, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Hang En Cave

Hang En is of the largest and most beautiful caves in the world, this is close to Hang Son Doong (the world’s biggest cave). To see this cave involves a day trek through beautiful jungle and valleys, and through a minority village, and then an overnight stay in the cave.



Dong Hoi is the nearest city to the caves and acts as the main transport hub. It can be reached by overnight train or a short flight (vietnamairlines­.com) from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. From Dong Hoi, either take a 45-minute taxi to Phong Nha, the base for caving trips, or arrange your transfer as part of the trek.


The two-day one-night Hang En Cave tour is run by Oxalis Adventure Tours ($275; oxalis.com.vn) from January to August, with bookings year-round.

The same company offers a limited number of extended treks to Son Doong Cave February to August. Booking for these opens in November, with a price to be announced. (The price was $3,000 for 2014 treks). Two-day treks to the Tu Lan cave system, including Hang Ken, run year-round, excluding October, for $260.


The Phong Nha Farmstay (phong-nha-cave.com), set among paddy fields 8 kilometers from Phong Nha, is a fantastic place to stay. Double rooms from 700,000 dong, about $34 at 20,400 dong to the dollar.

Source: Phong Nha explorer


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