Pho Cuon, the perfect Hanoi street food

I bet you all know about Pho in the last post. And in this post, I will show you a different kind of Pho – Pho cuon.

Pho cuon is also is a popular street food in Hanoi, Vietnam. Journeying around Hanoi’s Truc Bach lake, try to find the road name Ngu Xa, the neighborhood to eat this dish and its kissing cousin – Pho Chien Phong. There are many Pho Cuon restaurants in this road. Some famous restaurants’ names to be counted: Pho cuon Hung Ben, Pho cuon Huong Mai, Pho Cuon 31…

Pho Cuon translates to noodle roll, which makes sense since each Pho Cuon is a big rice noodle rolled around beef and green herbs like cilantro and basil. For the equivalent of US $2, we got a heaping plate. We dipped each roll in a bowl of Nuoc Cham, a sweet dipping sauce with a fish sauce base and flavors like sugar, vinegar and chili.

Pho cuon

Pho chien phong is another kind, they fried Pho and then stir it with beef and vegetables. The fried Pho looks like a small pillow. Most restaurants in the Truc Bach neighborhood also serve Pho Chien Phong, little pillows of yumminess. A Pho chien phong dish costs around VND 30.000 – 50.000 (about $20)

Pho chien phong

Pho ran trung is another kind, with stick fried Pho with eggs. Then put the sauce of beef and vegetable above

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Pho ran trung

Pho ran trung

How much is a meal of Pho cuon costs?

Normally, it costs about VND 100.000 with Pho cuon, Pho chien phong, pho ran trung and the drinks (ice tea, corn tea, a bottle of pure water…).

Where is the best places to try Pho cuon?

My recommendation is Pho cuon Chinh Thang (


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