How to avoid pickpockets when traveling | Safety Tips in Hanoi Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the safest places to travel, But it’s very “dangerous” in terms of petty theft: Purse-snatching and pickpocketing are rampant in places where tourists gather (especially at crowded place such night market) not because they’re mean, but because they’re smart. Tourists have all the good stuff in their bags and wallets. Loaded down with valuables, jetlagged, and bumbling around in a strange new environment. So, If you’re not constantly on guard, you’ll have something stolen…..such as: phones, bags, camera, wallet…very quickly, thieves can rob them from your hand that you are unable react. they are skillful and professional pickpockets or other ways they usually do is cut a hole in your bag and get everything out that way.

So here’s what you all need to do before traveling:

  • Wear a money belt. A money belt is a small, zippered fabric pouch on an elastic strap that fastens around your waist, under your pants or skirt
  • Leave your valuables in your hotel room. Expensive gear, such as your laptop, is much safer in your room than with you in a day bag on the streets. While hotels often have safes in the room (or at the front desk)
  • Spread your cash around – Don’t keep all your money or credit cards in the same place! If you do get pick pocketed you don’t want to lose everything
  • Have a fake wallet – carry an extra walled with a bundle of small bills in them. And do put it in an obvious place. If you do ever get into trouble, threatened or pickpocketed the thief usually runs away with the item without inspecting it
  • Keep your valuables skin huggingly close. Money belts, not over stuffed. Either on your stomach, leg, or chest are one of the best ways to avoid getting things stolen or keep your bag in front of, Just don’t take them out in public, and don’t overfill them
  • Make photocopies of key documents — your passport, itinerary, prescriptions and more — to bring along. For a backup, leave a copy with loved ones, too, in case you lose your copy and need to have one faxed to you. You could also bring a couple of extra passport pictures.
  • Secure your bag. Thieves want to quickly and unobtrusively separate you from your valuables, so even a minor obstacle can be an effective deterrent. If you’re sitting down to eat or rest, loop a strap of your daypack around your arm, leg, or chair leg. If you plan to sleep on a train (or at an airport, or anywhere in public), clip or fasten your pack or suitcase to the seat, luggage rack, or yourself. Even the slight inconvenience of undoing a clip deters most thieves
  • Crowds anywhere, but especially on public transit and at flea markets, bus stops provide bad guys with plenty of target opportunities, and easy escape routes.ers most thieves

Follow these above simple guidelines and then will be ok for you !!!!


Source: Your Vietnam Travel


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